Version 7.5.0


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Released: 31/May/16

Release Notes

Warnings indicate when the status of a JIRA issue doesn't reflect related development activity. For example: an issue marked complete that has an open pull request should be marked as still being in progress.

Unreviewed Code

These issues have been marked complete but the commits are not part of a pull request or review.

L3 - DefaultFeature RequestCAM-2757Custom error messages in FormFieldValidatorsSmirnov RomanClosed1 commit
L3 - DefaultTaskCAM-3107Remove mocks from camunda BPM SDK JSUnassignedClosed3 commits
L3 - DefaultBug ReportCAM-3604Foreign Key Constraint errors due to incorrect flush orderingUnassignedClosed5 commits
L3 - DefaultTaskCAM-3635take screenshots of ui testsMichael SchoettesClosed9 commits
L3 - DefaultTaskCAM-3709Support for Wildfly 10Daniel MeyerClosed1 commit
L3 - DefaultTaskCAM-3813Running Engine Testsuite takes a long time, makes Devs less productiveThorben LindhauerClosed3 commits
L3 - DefaultBug ReportCAM-3857I can not access current Execution in ProcessApplication.execute(Callable)Sebastian MenskiClosed8 commits
L3 - DefaultBug ReportCAM-3941Variable to execution assignment is not correct after repeated tree compaction/expansionDaniel MeyerClosed2 commits
L3 - DefaultBug ReportCAM-3961Field ProcessApplication#name is ignoredUnassignedClosed6 commits
L3 - DefaultBug ReportCAM-4043It is not possible to properly make an activity async from within a parse listenerThorben LindhauerClosed12 commits
L3 - DefaultTaskCAM-4133JAX-RS runtimes interfere with each other during test executionChristian LipphardtClosed6 commits
L3 - DefaultBug ReportCAM-4239Tokens for inclusive gateways are not waiting at correct joinThorben LindhauerClosed6 commits
L3 - DefaultBug ReportCAM-4257Cockpit does not display asyncBefore multi instance body incidents in diagramMichael SchoettesClosed21 commits
L3 - DefaultBug ReportCAM-4278Authorization slow down the response time of Cockpit Michael SchoettesClosed6 commits
L3 - DefaultBug ReportCAM-4328Column ACT_RU_JOB#PROCESS_DEF_KEY_ has wrong lengthSebastian MenskiClosed27 commits
L3 - DefaultTaskCAM-4415I can read docs for how to configure retry job commandMatthijs BurkeClosed13 commits
L3 - DefaultBug ReportCAM-4481Task List: Javascript in task comments security issueMichael SchoettesClosed3 commits
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestCAM-4690I can use external tasks with all service-task-like tasksMatthijs BurkeClosed2 commits
L3 - DefaultTaskCAM-4735Refactor frontend dependency management and buildDaniel MeyerClosed14 commits
L3 - DefaultBug ReportCAM-4746Datepicker-Textfield does not validate selected date correctly in embedded formMichael SchoettesClosed10 commits
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