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Unreviewed Code

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L1 - BlockerBug ReportCAM-7365backend fails to start process for test caseUnassignedClosed1 commit
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestCAM-3598Add Tasklist plugin point for task cardUnassignedClosed5 commits
L3 - DefaultTaskCAM-5466Investigate npm 3 support in webappsSebastian StammClosed5 commits
L3 - DefaultBug ReportCAM-5624If an expression doesn't start with '${' it is treated as a literalSmirnov RomanClosed9 commits
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestCAM-5699In Cockpit I can see details on external tasksMichael SchoettesClosed10 commits
L3 - DefaultTaskCAM-6312Use salts for password hashingThorben LindhauerClosed3 commits
L3 - DefaultTaskCAM-6400Improve documentation of acquirable jobsThorben LindhauerClosed4 commits
L3 - DefaultTaskCAM-6476Update isScanForProcessDefinitions property description in processes.xml documentationThorben LindhauerClosed12 commits
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestCAM-6568In Cockpit I can see the Error Details for Incidents related to External TasksMichael SchoettesClosed4 commits
L3 - DefaultTaskCAM-6616Internal API to clear the database without dropping and recreatingDaniel MeyerClosed9 commits
L3 - DefaultTaskCAM-6618Ensure DB is cleaned after Integration TestDaniel MeyerClosed5 commits
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestCAM-6750In the Java API I can query the history of external tasksSmirnov RomanClosed7 commits
L3 - DefaultTaskCAM-6785Improve docker thinpool setup in HQChristian LipphardtClosed1 commit
L3 - DefaultTaskCAM-6812Add Link to Authorization Types in REST docs and document integer representationUnassignedClosed3 commits
L3 - DefaultTaskCAM-6813Document batch types and add link to batch types in REST docsUnassignedClosed1 commit
L3 - DefaultTaskCAM-6814Document job types and add link to job types in REST docsUnassignedClosed1 commit
L3 - DefaultTaskCAM-6815Improve description of job configurations in REST docsUnassignedClosed1 commit
L3 - DefaultTaskCAM-6817Document job definition types and add link to job definition types in REST docsUnassignedClosed1 commit
L3 - DefaultTaskCAM-6819Document operation types and add link to operation types in REST docsUnassignedClosed1 commit
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestCAM-6888I can see task id and user id in request to a formMichael SchoettesClosed3 commits
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