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Released: 26/Oct/17

Release Notes

Warnings indicate when the status of a JIRA issue doesn't reflect related development activity. For example: an issue marked complete that has an open pull request should be marked as still being in progress.

Unreviewed Code

These issues have been marked complete but the commits are not part of a pull request or review.

L2 - CriticalBug ReportCAM-8187Camunda Cockpit EE cannot be accessedRoman SmirnovClosed4 commits
L3 - DefaultBug ReportCAM-4676Tasklist Filter dialog can handle sorting parametersMichael SchoettesClosed4 commits
L3 - DefaultBug ReportCAM-5157Creation of incidents is not null safeUnassignedClosed4 commits
L3 - DefaultBug ReportCAM-7103Can not delete deployment with completed casesMichael SchoettesClosed3 commits
L3 - DefaultBug ReportCAM-7143Cannot query groups by groupIdIn using LDAP Identity ProviderYana VasilevaClosed11 commits
L3 - DefaultBug ReportCAM-7477Local task variable causes an integrity contraint violation exception when the task is deletedSmirnov RomanClosed36 commits
L3 - DefaultBug ReportCAM-7550Prevented Submissions for Embedded Forms produces non-configurable errorUnassignedClosed3 commits
L3 - DefaultBug ReportCAM-7792Low frequency elements can not be seen on heatmapAnna PazolaClosed7 commits
L3 - DefaultBug ReportCAM-8004Job executor is not able to acquire a job when more than 1000 deployments registeredSvetlana DorokhovaClosed20 commits
L3 - DefaultBug ReportCAM-8017Improve performance of historic variable instance querySmirnov RomanClosed12 commits
L3 - DefaultBug ReportCAM-8039Line display faulty in Decision Table viewUnassignedClosed6 commits
L3 - DefaultBug ReportCAM-8040Focus changes position in edit mode for decision tablesUnassignedClosed6 commits
L3 - DefaultBug ReportCAM-8055Button to Edit Decision Tables does not open edit modalUnassignedClosed18 commits
L3 - DefaultBug ReportCAM-8062Deployment page broken in Internet ExplorerUnassignedClosed9 commits
L3 - DefaultBug ReportCAM-8064Deleting deployments is slow on MySQL and MariaDBUnassignedClosed6 commits
L3 - DefaultBug ReportCAM-8268Batch Operation page displays definition ID instead of keyMichael SchoettesClosed2 commits
L3 - DefaultBug ReportCAM-8305Camunda Admin is unable to fetch the users and tenants of a group containing a slashMichael SchoettesClosed3 commits
L3 - DefaultBug ReportCAM-8329I cannot filter historic variable instances by processDefinitionIdUnassignedClosed6 commits
L3 - DefaultTaskCAM-8412Adjust deep link of Java EE Getting StartedAnna PazolaClosed10 commits
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