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Version 7.10.0-alpha2


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Released: 03/Aug/18

Release Notes

Warnings indicate when the status of a JIRA issue doesn't reflect related development activity. For example: an issue marked complete that has an open pull request should be marked as still being in progress.

Unreviewed Code

These issues have been marked complete but the commits are not part of a pull request or review.

L3 - DefaultFeature RequestCAM-5722I can set the version tag of a process using the BPMN Model APIYana VasilevaClosed1 commit
L3 - DefaultBug ReportCAM-6082Cannot see variables in tasklist with READ Task AuthorizationSvetlana DorokhovaClosed2 commits
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestCAM-6883Filter startable processes by READ and CREATE_INSTANCE permission on process definition resourceNikola KoevskiClosed12 commits
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestCAM-9084In Tasklist, I can start only a subset of all deployed processesMichael SchoettesClosed2 commits
L3 - DefaultTaskCAM-9106Improve error message when a user tries to create an already existing user or groupMichael SchoettesClosed8 commits
L3 - DefaultBug ReportCAM-9107Prevention of Cross-Site-Request-ForgeryMichael SchoettesClosed67 commits
L3 - DefaultBug ReportCAM-9109When a user, group, or tenant is created, the given id is validated against a whitelistMichael SchoettesClosed30 commits
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestCAM-9129In Cockpit, I can modify a single process asynchronouslyMichael SchoettesClosed2 commits
L3 - DefaultBug ReportCAM-9130In Webapps, translation is not up-to-date after migration to a newer Camunda versionMichael SchoettesClosed6 commits
L3 - DefaultBug ReportCAM-9132Date is showing in the wrong format in embedded formsMichael SchoettesClosed3 commits
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestCAM-9153When using the Java/Rest API, I get the information when a historic variable instance has been created initiallyNikola KoevskiClosed2 commits
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestCAM-9154Support for MariaDB 10.3Nikola KoevskiClosed3 commits
L3 - DefaultBug ReportCAM-9165Add index for CASE_INST_ID_ on ACT_RU_CASE_EXECUTION tableNikola KoevskiClosed12 commits
L3 - DefaultBug ReportCAM-9171Exception when checking for table presence is not processed correctlyYana VasilevaClosed4 commits
L3 - DefaultBug ReportCAM-9174Missing property in Http Basic Authentication filterNikola KoevskiClosed4 commits
L3 - DefaultBug ReportCAM-9175Using Java API, I cannot change a transient variable valueNikola KoevskiClosed11 commits
L3 - DefaultTaskCAM-9181Duplicate index for TASK_ID_ on ACT_HI_OP_LOG should be mentioned in patch level updateNikola KoevskiClosed3 commits
L3 - DefaultBug ReportCAM-9183In Cockpit, I cannot use search for historic process instances in case of large datasetsYana VasilevaClosed9 commits
L3 - DefaultBug ReportCAM-9185Tasklist marks tasks as removed from internet connection is disruptedUnassignedClosed4 commits
L3 - DefaultBug ReportCAM-9192In Cockpit, in case of multi instance the badge does not show often the inner activity has been executedUnassignedClosed8 commits
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