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  1. Camunda Optimize



Version 1.0.0-alpha1


Start: 01/Jan/17

Released: 31/Jan/17

Release Notes

L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1"camunda optimize" link should open / not /undefined in new tabUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-2Fix Match so that it does not removes whole parent content during update.Sebastian StammDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-3Optimize fails to start in IE11UnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-4user should be logged in new tab of browserUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-5List should handle text nodesSebastian StammDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-6fix login functionaltySebastian StammDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-7Heatmap is rendered unnecessarily when user hovers elementUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-8I can switch between available process definitionsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-9I can authenticate optimize users against process engineJohannes HeinemannDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-10I can import activity events from camunda engineJohannes HeinemannDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-11Integrate optimize login with backendSebastian StammDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-12Add heatmap overlay to process diagramUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-16I can authenticate using username and passwordJohannes HeinemannDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-17Disable Login button while request is in flightSebastian StammDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-18Add loading indicator when loading bpmn xml and heatmap dataUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-19I can see available process definitionsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-22I can start optimize jetty with FE resourcesJohannes HeinemannDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-24Add overlay to diagram displaying the heat values of the activitiesUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-26I can write an import/index test in OptimizeJohannes HeinemannDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-27create simple server with gziped content and compiling for frontendSebastian StammDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-28add support for eslintUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-29make eslint use one-var ruleSebastian StammDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-31Optimize backend unit tests are executed continuouslyJohannes HeinemannDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-32Optimize Arch Spike: Frontend Login / LogoutUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-33I can get process definitions from REST endpointUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-34Use fetch API in http-serviceSebastian StammDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-35Use commons ui camunda app stylesUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-36test main componentSebastian StammDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-37Initial Optimize user is always availableJohannes HeinemannDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-38Write tests for main/processDisplay/diagram/heatmap.jsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-39integrate logout with backendUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-41I can read an installation guideAndreas TollscheinDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-42update eslint rulesSebastian StammDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-43Nexus Repositories for OptimzeUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-45test login moduleSebastian StammDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-46I can import data to optimize from engine, that has authentication enabledUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-47GitHub integration for Jenkins jobsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-48Create layout for heatmap viewUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-49Aggregation tests are executed continuouslyJohannes HeinemannDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-50Optimize: Test view-utilsSebastian StammDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-51write documentation for testing optimize frontendSebastian StammDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-53add frontend script for running backend and elastic searchSebastian StammDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-54Create Jenkinsfile for OptimizeSebastian MenskiDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-55Docker image for Optimize testsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-57I can initialize schema (mappings) on startup if indexes do not existUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-58I can build optimize distroJohannes HeinemannDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-59make returning update object optional in jsxSebastian StammDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-60I can release OptimizeUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-63I can see enunciate docs on jenkinsJohannes HeinemannDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-64I can request .bpmn xml for process definition using REST APIUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-65Prepare Jenkins for Optimize pipelineUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-66I can trigger importing externallyUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-67remove webpack bundle info during testsSebastian StammDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-68Improve view-utils documentationSebastian StammDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-69add logout buttonUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-70add back-end proxy to dev serverSebastian StammDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-71add maven support for front-end unit testsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-72Create CI Jenkins for OptimizeUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-73Enhance Jenkinsfile for Snapshot deploymentsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-75I can obtain heatmap of process definiton using REST APIUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-77I can read about supported environments for OptimizeJohannes HeinemannDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-78use eslint ignore file to ignore specif files and directoriesUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-81Integrate heatmap with backendUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-82create withSelector higher order componentSebastian StammDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-83Optimize Arch Spike: Simple, interactive ViewSebastian StammDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-84test dynamic loaderSebastian StammDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-85I can configure application using properties fileJohannes HeinemannDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-87add proxy to compiled static serverSebastian StammDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-88Optimize frontend testsuite is executed continuouslyJohannes HeinemannDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-89Rename Select componentUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-90In Optimize I can use an API to create/delete entries in Elasticsearch for integration testsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-91Add corporate design to camunda optimizeUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-92In Optimize I can write tests for AggregationsJohannes HeinemannDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-93Remove login field values from stateUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-101Add Message if no process definitions are presentUnassignedDone
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