Version 2.1.0


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Released: 29/Jun/18

Release Notes

L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-391Provide typeahead for variable valuesUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-411I can use a typeahead for variable names in the variable filter modalUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-632Update detailed description of Optimize import processUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-798SchedulerFactory should wire import compents based on configurationUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-839Add styling for flow node filterUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-863Can't scroll reports on DashboardUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-974Update user guide documentation to Optimize 2.0 versionUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1000No reimport after deleting finished instancesUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1023Chart Reports have wrong size when coming from invalid report configUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1073Mark all invalid input fields as invalidUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1079Use icons for the standard button operationsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1082Use icons for common actionsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1086Provide endpoint to retrieve the Optimize versionUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1087Show hint on dashboard/report list that dashboard/report is sharedUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1089Invalid report shows wrong error message in view modeUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1109Pre-select the only existing Process Definition in DropdownUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1140Add missing icons to Dashboard and ReportUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1151I get redirected if I access a report which does not exist or I have no access toUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1152Retrieve the authentication header at once in IT testsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1153In dashboard edit mode reports should not indicate to be scrollable UnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1155Document the license pageUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1156Document the homepageUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1157Document the available report list pageUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1158Document the available dashboard list pageUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1160Document the report builderUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1163Document the filterUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1166Document the alertingUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug PartOPT-1168Target Value table header not aligned with bodyUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1170Improve table behaviorUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1171Table columns should have a larger minimum width when rederedUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1172Save table column width in dashboard viewUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1173The table is paginatedUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1174Remove variable prefix from raw data reportUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature PartOPT-1175I can update schema automaticallyUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1178Alert Email says Dashboard, but links to ReportUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1181I can request the variables sorted by nameUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1182In the variable filter the variable list is sorted by nameUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1184Optimize does not use the engine import executor anymoreUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1185Fetching of engine entities is done by timestampUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1186Backend returns status code 404 if dashboard/report doesn't existUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1187Import porgress can be computed for import by timestampUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1188Test that import can handle the deletion of process instances during importUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1189Pre-select the only existing Process definition in Report BuilderUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1190Pre-select the only existing process definition in the Analysis sectionUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1191It is possible to create a Dashboard without a nameUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-1192I can specify which columns to show in a Raw Data reportUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1193Upgrade React to version 16.3UnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1196Footer reports only import status instead of import progressUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1197I can start upgrade process from CLIUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1198Add elasticsearch http port to configuration UnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1202Use page result to check if import is still activeUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1203Cycle through definition list until no definition contains new dataUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1206Add configuration field to dashboard reportsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1207Numeric variable filter with "is greater than" or "is less than" option should only allow one valueUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug PartOPT-1208Too many historic instances with same endtime cause import to skip some instancesUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1209Misleading line in alert notificationUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-1211I can reorder table columns via drag and dropUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug PartOPT-1212Scroll based index handling works only for limited amount of dataUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1213Remove cycling over process definitions in index handlingUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1215Performance tests are never stoppingUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1216Requesting an Xml for a process definition that is not imported yet results in nullpointer exceptionUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1217Transform RunningProcessInstnaceImportHandler from ScrollBasedImportIndexHandler to TimestampBasedImportIndexHandlerUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1219Pass the text to Message end ErrorMessage components as childrenUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1220Setting import thread count to more than one breaks variables importUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1221Use consistent number parsing logicUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1222Remove abstract class ImportServiceUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1223Remove missing entities checkUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-1224I can manage UsersUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature PartOPT-1225I can perform CRUD operations on users using Rest-APIUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1226Improve Table performanceUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1227Remove java class docs with @Author annotationUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1228Import skips entries if they are created the same millisecond other entries were importedUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1229Remove user management from OptimizeUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature PartOPT-1230Allow only authorized users to access OptimizeUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature PartOPT-1231The user has only access to reports of process definitions he is authorized toUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature PartOPT-1232The user has only manage alerts for reports he is authorized forUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1233No alert reminder email are sentUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1234IE11: Table Reports brokenUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1236Check import of Process DefinitionsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-1239I can add external sources to dashboardsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1240Prevent embedding a dashboard in itselfUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1241Only 10 String variable values are loaded in the variable filterUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1242Can't store configuration in report dashboardsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-1243I can query the location of Camunda webappsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1244Document how to define authorizations for definitions in OptimizeUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1246Cannot load more than 10 variablesUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-1249I can see variable updates in OptimizeUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1250Import latest occurrence if two variable updates happened at the same timeUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-1251I can open a process instance in CockpitUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1252Remove variable import for completed process instancesUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-1254Using the REST-API I can filter variable string values for their prefixUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-1255Using the REST-API I can filter variable names for their prefixUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1259Using the REST-API I can find out if a user is authorized to share a dashboardUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1260Disable dashboard sharing button if user is not authorized to share dashboardUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1263Add business key to raw data reportUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1265Change start-up script setupUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1277Using the Rest-API perform requests against the dedicated optimize endpoint in the engine to fetch the dataUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-1278I can adjust the REST requests to the engine(s) by a pluginUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1279Remove unnecessary tracking of variable ids and activity ids in respective typesUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1280Not all variables are importedUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1281Do not import duplicated activity instances twiceUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1282Footer should show the current Optimize versionUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1283Update import description in the documentationUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1289Move email configuration into its own json pathUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1297Document basic authentication with engine UnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1300Footer Websocket always tries to connect to localhostUnassignedDone
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