Version 2.2.0


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Released: 28/Sep/18

Release Notes

L2 - CriticalBug ReportOPT-962Optimize does not start if I configure different portsUnassignedDone
L2 - CriticalBug ReportOPT-1447Cannot upgrade Optimize from 2.1 to 2.2-snapshotUnassignedDone
L2 - CriticalTaskOPT-1457I can upgrade Optimize against a secured Elasticsearch instanceUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-21I get feedback when the logout went wrongUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-187I can reimport all workflow data without downtime of the optimize functionalityUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-229I can delete the elasticsearch optimize index and restart the importUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-401When I try to access a non-existing page I get redirected to the login/index pageUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-410Entered values in the variable filter modal are validatedUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-446I can use the Definition Key to configure the import for all versions of a process definitionUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-564I can execute tests that cover the connection between Optimize backend and frontendUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-783Run all SVGs through SVGO when buildingUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-788Include modal tests into OptimizeUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-834Extracting camunda-optimize-2.0.0-SNAPSHOT-full.tar.gz takes agesUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-850Missing feedback when URL is wrongUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-853Add visual feedback to report drag and dropUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-862I can see report details in the report viewUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-864Rename Button {{type}} propertyUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-899Use Icon componentUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-903Add hover interaction between Statistics and DiagramUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-905Add demo dataUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-991Create a loading indicator componentUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1095Too many flow node filters distort the control panelUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-1169I can upgrade OptimizeUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1179IE11: sharing popover in report builder is placed incorrectlyUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1180I can read a note that duration filter is only applied for complete process instancesUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1183Test that defining Alerts and then restart Optimize worksUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-1194I can comfortable create Date Variable filtersUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1195Duration Filter: add note re showing finished instances onlyUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1199I can read documentation on upgrade for developersUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1200I can read documentation on upgrade execution and configurationUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1204Merge process definition type and process definition xml typeUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-1214Optimize can connect to secured ElasticsearchUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1235Filters than cannot be edited should not have a pointer cursorUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1237Report crashes when all columns are hiddenUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1238Error on login of authorized userUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1245Remove unused configurations UnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-1247Show newly created reports on dashboard autorefreshUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1248Import for running process instances is based on timestampUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-1256I can confirm modals using the enter keyUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-1257I can see additional information on the report listUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-1258I can visualize a single number as progress barUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1261Broken link to process instance id in raw data tableUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1264As a user I can adjust the logging level of the upgrade jarUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1266I can run the integration tests on an upgraded optimizeUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1267I can test that the optimize upgrade works on large dataUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1269Use json path to define adjustments within the upgrade stepsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1270Target values below 1ms produce empty target value badgeUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1271Alerts with threshold operator "below" says value exceeds thresholdUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1272IE11 displays unreasonable amount of scrollbarsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1273Document the external resource on dashboards featureUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1274Document the hide and reorder columns in raw data tables featureUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1275The AlertModal should use the LabeledInput componentUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1287Flow Node Filter does not show diagram in branch analysisUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1291Add engine alias to initial variable importUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-1292I can filter by date variablesUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-1293Using the Rest-API Optimize I can filter by rolling date filter on date variablesUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-1294I can filter by rolling date on date variablesUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-1295I can duplicate a reportUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1296Mention in docs existing log levelsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1298Raw data table headers should have natural namesUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1299Confusing ordering of process versions in Version Select DropdownUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1301Remove maxPageSize for
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1302Forward login error message from platformUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1303Show relevant error message if a blocked user tries to loginUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1304Variable values in the filter list overlapping the "×" buttonUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1307Make Date-Picker reusableUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature PartOPT-1308Use DatePicker component in Variable filter for Date variabesUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1309Refactor VariableFilter componentUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1310Add StartDate Filter button is incorrectly enabled after editing dateUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1314I can hover over entitylist icons to see what kind of operation they performUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1315Duration target value comparison is distortedUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1316Styling for invalid date in datepicker is brokenUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1317I see a warning before I can upgrade OptimizeUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1318I can see if the target value comparison is still loading the dataUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-1319I can group by variablesUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature PartOPT-1320Using the Rest-API Optimize I can group by variblesUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature PartOPT-1321In the report builder add the variable option in the group by dropdownUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1322The REST-API uses the new group by structureUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1323Use new group by report data structureUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1324Refactor start date filter structure in the backendUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1325Reactor variable filter in the backendUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1326Refactor filters structureUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1327The target value button in report page is always disabledUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1328Refactor date filters to use explicit start- and end-datesUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1329Document group by variableUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1330Show loading indicator when a diagram is being renderedUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1331Spike: Cache bpmn-js viewer instances for faster pagesUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-1332I can perform min, max and median operations on Flow Node Duration viewUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1333Using the REST-API I can request the minimum Flow Node DurationJohannes HeinemannDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1334Using the REST-API I can request the maximum Flow Node DurationJohannes HeinemannDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1335Using the REST-API I can request the median Flow Node DurationJohannes HeinemannDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-1337I can see the relative value for count view reportsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature PartOPT-1338In the report builder add the min, max and median flow node duration options in the view dropdownUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1339Reduce code duplication in Report EvaluationUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-1340I can filter by end dateUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-1341I can filter by non-executed flow nodesUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-1344I can use the import plugin to import properties from complex variablesUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1345Simplify report data validationUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-1346I can toggle Heatmap tooltips to always be visibleUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1347Document that process instance not persisting their state at start might cause import problemsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-1348I can set a goal line in the process instance bar chartUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-1349I can perform min, max and median operations on Process Instance Duration viewUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1350Using the REST-API I can request the minimum Process Instance DurationUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1351Using the REST-API I can request the maximum Process Instance DurationUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1352Using the REST-API I can request the median Process Instance DurationUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature PartOPT-1353In the report builder add the min, max and median process instance duration options in the view dropdownUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1356Improve UI of view, groupBy and visualization option selection for report creationUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1358Dates are not formatted in group by start date reportsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1359Table report breaks if I exclude columns across definitionsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1360Flow node filter shows empty key if flow node name is not availableUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-1361I can filter by canceled process instancesUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1362Variable Filter should filter variable names on the frontendUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-1363I can duplicate a dashboardUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-1364I can search through report/dashboard listUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-1365I can see the search results highlightedUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1366Improve matching algorithm for variable value searchUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1367Make configuration properties containing a link more resilientUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-1369Report list in Alert Modal is searchableUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-1370Add deselect All columns button to column filter in raw data tableUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-1371I can navigate dropdown submenus using the keyboardUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-1372In the variable plugin I retrieve all necessary information to deserialize complex variablesUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1373IE11: Next button for Table pagination misplacedUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1374Add the documentation for the Barchart target value to the websiteUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1377Open dropdown submenus on hoverUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1378Hover over disabled target button shows unexpected additional borderUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1379Process defintion selection popover uses whole space on loadingUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1380Show flow node key if flow node name is not avaialble in bar/area/pie chartUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1381Selected variable in groupBy does not get deselected when changing the process definitionUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1382RawData table overlaps with control panel in Edge browserUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1383External Reports are not updated on autorefreshUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1384Dynamically set the copyright yearUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-1385I can click anywhere in the report/dashbaord list to jump to the respective dashboard/reportUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-1386In the entity list I can see the row highlighted which I'm hovering overUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1387I can immediately define an external report on the add report modalUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-1389make visualisation change loads fast and add a loading indicatorUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1390Fix default object copy namesUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1391Move the data generation from the import performance module to its own moduleUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1392Improve UI of dropdown componentsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-1393I can use the dashboard fullscreen mode at nightUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1395Synchronize UI of alert list with report/dashboard listUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1396Improve data generationUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1397In import performance tests retrieve counts to import directly from databaseUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1398bpmn.js rendering broken in SafariUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-1400I can combine reportsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1401Accomodate the new change to api to include the data structure of the combined reportsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature PartOPT-1402Create an empty combined reportUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature PartOPT-1403I can select table reports to combineUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature PartOPT-1404I can select area/bar reports to combineUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature PartOPT-1405I can select barchart reports to combineUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature PartOPT-1406I can perform CRUD operations on combined reports using Rest-APIUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature PartOPT-1407I can evaluate combined reports using the REST-APIUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1408Using the Rest-API I can only evaluate reports in the combined reports that I'm authorized forUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1411I can evaluate reports with end date filters using the REST APIUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1412Implement Relative End Date FilterUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1413I can filter Instances by the end dateUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1414Automatically remove updated reports from combined reports if they do not fit anymoreUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1415Automatically remove deleted reports from combined reports UnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature PartOPT-1416Create combined report selection panelUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug PartOPT-1418The evaluation result of a combined report does not contain the dataUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1420Refactor EntityList componentUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1421update multiple selection component to make it usable combined selectionUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1422Return the whole data structure for each single report in combined report evaluationUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1424Renaming a index in an upgrade breaks optimizeUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-1425I can analyze the duration between two flow nodes in a diagram (process instance parts)UnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature PartOPT-1427I can perform CRUD operations on reports that contain process parts using the REST-APIUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature PartOPT-1428I can request the total duration between two flow nodes using the REST-APIUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature PartOPT-1429I can select start and end node of a process partUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1430Entitylist shrinks when there are alot of reports in the list in IE11 UnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1431Write documentation for the combined reportUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-1432I can set a goal line in all reports with area chart visualization UnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-1433Show number of instances in Report Control PanelUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature PartOPT-1434Highlight process instance partUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1435Optimize crashing when deselecting columns in raw data tableUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1436Document the end date filterUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature PartOPT-1437 I can request the duration between two flow nodes grouped by variable using the REST-APIUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature PartOPT-1438I can request the duration between two flow nodes grouped by start date using the REST-APIUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-1439Create Icon for Combined ReportsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1442Optimize does not start when Elasticsearch is not availableUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1443Integration tests waiting for optimize to start without timeoutUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1444Preview text of filter breaks if name of flow node contains line breaksUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature PartOPT-1445Highlighting part between flow nodes works with SubprocessesUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1448I can see a hint if selected nodes for process part are not in sequenceUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1449add combined report label and icon to EntityList itemsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1450Cannot edit AlertUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1451Cannot add Sub Process as Flow Node Filter for ReportsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1452Long Names for Reports and Dashboards break the page layoutUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1453Theming broken when autorefresh times out in dark fullscreen modeUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1454Rename default search input field textUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1455Flow node filter entry does not show names on Analysis pageUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature PartOPT-1456Highlighting part between flow nodes works with Boundary EventsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1458Duration target batch is hard to see in diagram viewUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1459Flow node filter does not get reset when data changesUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1461Add migration jar to optimize artefactUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1462Check if user guide is up to dateUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1463Missleading error output on build of OptimizeUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1465Enable Optimize to reimport data without loosing reports, dashboards and alertsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1466Broken layout on Optimize Landing Page (IE11)UnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1471Report entry is empty when editing already defined alertUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1473Analysis End Event statistics overlay missingUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1476Missing create combined report index step in the upgrade scriptUnassignedDone
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