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Version 2.4.0-alpha1


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Released: 31/Jan/19

Release Notes

L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-735Use the new Elasticsearch rest-client instead of the transport clientUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1288Process Instance link to Cockpit should point to history dataUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1305Develop consistent concept of how to display duration valuesUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-1342I can create reports for DMN tables using the Optimize Rest-APIUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1460Create automated tests that optimize can migrate against secured ElasticsearchUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1520Move all type name constants from configuration to ElasticsearchConstants classUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1567refactor Chart ComponentUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1579Refactor the reimport preparation moduleUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1609refactor combined selected panelUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1616Align submenus with parent elementUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1619Refactor Report UpdatingUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1635Use rest client to initialize Elasticsearch schema on startupUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1672Duration of 0ms displayed incorrectly in combined reportsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1678I can create DMN count frequency of evaluation reportsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1699I can read documentation about raw data decision reportUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1709CSV Export for decision Raw Data reportsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1711I can group by Matched Rule on Decision Count Frequency reportsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1712Remove HeatmapTargetValueIndex from Elasticsearch UnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1726Do backoff in an exponential mannerUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1733Make DecisionEvaluationDateFilterIT stableUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1734Migrate upgrade-optimize-data data generation moduleUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1735Encapsulate handling of OptimizeDecisionDefinitionFetchExceptionUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1736Let upgrade performance always upgrade to latest versionUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1737Test every night that the release build worksUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1738Add support for engine version 7.11.xUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1740Empty report throws exceptionUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1746Alert modal hint to configuration docs should be a warning boxUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1748Starting Optimize displays warnings in log outputUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1750Cannot exit alert modal with escape key pressUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1751Normal usage of Optimize shows warning in logsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1756Rename server folder in demo distribution to elasticsearchUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1759Refactor handling of reports UnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1760Speed up integration test (IT) executionUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1761Log all elasticsearch queries when debug level is traceUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1762Replace existing Elasticsearch request in the reader classes with the new rest clientUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1763Deploy engine-database-connection as applicationUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1764DMN Input & Output Variables can be modified via pluginUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1765Do not start Optimize if the elasticsearch version does not matchUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-1767I can open a decision instance in CockpitUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-1769I can run Optimize with JRE 11UnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-1770I can disable the DMN importUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1771It is nightly tested that Optimize works with the supported Elasticsearch versionsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1772Use the new rest client to write data to ElasticsearchUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1775Color selection for combined reports is sometimes mixed upUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1776Evaluate reports without visualizationUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1777Retry on conflict is used again when writing to ElasticsearchUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1779Remove the transport client from OptimizeUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1780Remove manual x-pack library affix from secure elasticsearch section in documenationUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-1781Improved raw data report configuration styleUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-1782Configuration Option Button in Report Edit Mode should have titleUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-1783Information texts should be more consistentUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1785Performance tests are failingUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1786Replace Elasticsearch low levelclient builder with high level client builderUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1787Provide RestHighLevelClient only after schema got fully initializedUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1788Add `es.connection.nodes.tcpPort` to deprecated-configUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1790Include reimport jar in distributionUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1792CI stabilization/optimizationUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1795Make performance tests run againUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1796Convert unit tests depending on an elasticsearch instance to IT tests UnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-1797Connect against a elasticsearch with secured connection without user/certificate providenceUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1798Use custom update settings requestUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1801Rebuild BE and it's module dependencies from start-backend scriptUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1803Goal line overlays chart.js tooltipUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug PartOPT-1805Reset to default for combined bar charts with multiple reports crashesUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1806Use $set semantic in nested Configuration optionsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1807Create configuration fields on report creationUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1808ProcessParts should use $set mechanix to add itself to parameters instead of overwriting itUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1809Use central update handler and pass report to process definition selectionUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1810Get rid of updateConfiguration methodUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1811Fix testsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1812Write new testsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1814Move Optimize docs introduction to the Optimize docs landing/homepageUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1816I can read documenation about how authorization/authentication is done in the multiple engine scenarioUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1817Resolve ngram deprecation warningUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1818Make the Chart component use new targetValue structureUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1820Upgrade to Spring 5.1.xUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1821Nightly jenkins IT pipeline with JDK 11UnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1822replace raw data 'All Columns' switch with two buttonsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1823Firefox: Combined Report is flickering whenUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1825Make sure to update configuration when combined report is updated transitivelyUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1827Reject Elasticsearch version 6.3.0UnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug PartOPT-1831setting process part makes view grey in views that are not process instance durationUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1832Flow Node duration is max value of 64 signed intUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug PartOPT-1833Analysis Filter brokenUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug PartOPT-1834Reordering tables in combined report does not change report visualizationUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1836I can download all reports as CSVUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-1837Automatically select group by start date intervalUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature PartOPT-1838The group by start date can be automatically selected using the REST-APIUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature PartOPT-1839Add automatic interval selection to group by startdate dropdown item in the report builderUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature PartOPT-1840I can manually select the group by start date unit/interval in the configuration popoverUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1841Add upgrade & reimport IT to java compatibility jobUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1842Migrate report configuration from 2.3.0 to 2.4.0 structureUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1843Migrate report configuration from 2.2.0 to 2.4.0 structureUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1844Refactor ReportViewUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1850Add upgrade jar execution scripts to distributionUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature PartOPT-1853Use meaningful x-axis units for Group By Start Date: AutomaticUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1855Make decision/process naming consistentUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1856Wrong isBelow target configuration fields are set on report creationUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1858Log current schemaVersion on validation mismatch during upgradeUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1859Cleanup deprecated elasticsearch api usageUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1860Improve Elasticsearch security config commentsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1861Resolve jetty sslContextWarningUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1863Automatic interval selection works with combined reportsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1865use distinct update methods for view, groupby and visualizationUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1867Cleanup report stateUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1870CSV Export for decision reports with map and number resultsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1871CSV Export for process reports with number resultsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1873Fix Upgrade performance test on large static datasetUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1874Cannot save reports with non integer targetValueUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1875Save targetValue numbers as stringsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1879CSV Export for combined reports with map and number resultsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1883Use ElasticSearchSchemaManager from upgrade moduleUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1885ElasticSearchSchemaManager fails if index already existsUnassignedDone
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