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Version 2.5.0-alpha1


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Released: 03/May/19

Release Notes

L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-665I can see Reports visualized as bpmn badge overlayUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-681Improve Modal usability/accessibilityUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-735Use the new Elasticsearch rest-client instead of the transport clientUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-900Create styles for license.htmlUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-904Store state of Branch Analysis in URLUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-906Make "no data available" consistentUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-948Bpmn diagram does not adjust size on window resizingUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-1106I can use buttons to zoom bpmn diagramsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1144Change alert modal label from "Add new Alert" to "Create New Alert" UnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1312Create a warning style for the Message componentUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1336Disable login button when login is in progressUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1518Display an error when ElasticSearch exceeded the low disk watermarkUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1521Introduce LombokUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1592Remove all deployments from the engine before starting with data generationUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-1594show warnings in the control panelUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1713GroupByVariable of type date should do a histogramAggregation instead of termsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1716Extend cleanup performance tests to cover decisionInstances as wellUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-1731I can sort columns of single non raw data reportsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1745The link in the distro files to the Optimize docs should point to the versionUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1753It is tested that I can perform all migration in a rowUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1754Improve behavior of group by variable selectionUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-1758I can abort the search in Optimize with escape key pressUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1804Check if realtime in elasticsearch requests needs to be setUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1813Show scrollbar in mac when div is scrollableUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-1848Give warning of too large reportsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1854Use parameterized tests for the flow node duration grouped by flow node reportsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1857It is tested that Optimize works with Amazon's Elasticsearch ServiceUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1868Automatically loading the only process definition when there is only one is brokenUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1907Find easy way to extract the type of a combined reportUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1923Split up Dashboard.jsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-1929Add CSRF-ProtectionUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-1951Clean up Table servicesUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-1973Highlight selectable nodes in user task target value dialogUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-1979Duration label partially covered in User Task report builderUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-2004Cannnot open dropdown for process name and version by keyboardUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-2016Report evaluation does not return whole date specified in filterUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-2017Upgrade enzyme and use renderProp for PrivateRoute testsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-2024Create tests for createDefaultChartOptionsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-2034Remove operations field in decision report view UnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-2036Prematurely loading the flow node names on the analysis pageUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-2037Wrong credentials do not lead to error message in logUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-2040add collections dropdown to details view of the reportUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-2041Do not block xml import on 4xx errors from engineUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-2042Create config parameter to define the access url to OptimizeUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-2058Allow process report evaluations grouped by FlowNode/UserTask to be sorted by flow node nameUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-2067Cannot save report after save failed onceUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-2077Sorting wrong after aggregation changeUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-2079Cannot sort report table by integer variableUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-2081Table sorting is preserved when switching to another visualizationUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-2084Bundle report evaluation and flow node names requestsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-2085Add source code licensesUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-2086Refactor report result structureUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-2088Report Builder shows newly designed supporting messages when building a reportUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-2089Create data generation module for current version UnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-2091Do not focus first typeahead entry when clicking on typeahead text fieldUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-2092Align labels of Report Control Panel and SetupNoticeUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-2093Process & Decision Definition Dropdowns are searchableUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-2094Unknown URLs should show 404 or redirect and nicer error pageUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-2095Handling of menus (Dropdowns, popovers, typeahead) improvementsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-2102"You session timed out" notification on first Optimize without previous sessionUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-2103Increase responsiveness of report evaluationUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-2104Allow sorting by all columns in process and decision reportsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-2105Protect Optimize from CSRF attacksUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-2109Improve ux - Make checkboxes accessible in Combined report settingsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-2110Combined Report crashes on "Show Absolute Value"UnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-2113Add loading indicator when loading flow node names for combined reportsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-2114Reduce code duplication in CombinedProcessReportResultUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-2116Combined Report Charts display flownode id instead of nameUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-2117Preserve state when session times outUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-2118Sort groupBy FlowNode/UserTask table columns by nameUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-2119Evaluation map result is transformed to array resultUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-2120Deploy engine plugins to nexusUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-2121Remove 2.1.0 as default first version in post-migration-testUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-2123Add license headers for Javascript source filesUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-2124Add license headers for compiled frontendUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-2125Create script to compile front end dependency info to JSONUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-2126The evaluation of a report indicates if the result is completeUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature PartOPT-2127Display warning to the user if the result has been truncatedUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-2128Add license headers to Java sourcesUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-2129Generate backend dependency list for license bookUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-2130Move all the common entity API operations to services folder and remove duplicatedUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-2131Incomplete Combined Report looks differentUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-2132Restructure Report Evaluation ResponseUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-2134Use new result structure in front-endUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-2135Update bpmn.io libraries to latest versionUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-2136Dropdown does not handle change to options wellUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-2137Remove support for engine version 7.8UnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-2138Resolve circular circular dependency between the ReportService and SharingServiceUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-2139Heatmap tooltips cannot be disabled when switching from count to durationUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-2140Limit date histogram reports (group by date) to maximum number of bucketsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-2141Forbid bracketless ifsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-2142Analysis End Event Overlay does not contain meaningful informationUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultFeature RequestOPT-2143Don't show :focus styles when actioning an interactive element using the cursorUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-2144Update supported node version to latest LTSUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-2145remove collection dropdown in edit mode and make it smaller in view modeUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-2146Remove operations field in decision report view (frontend)UnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-2147Don't show autocomplete suggestions for Entity name input fieldsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-2149Use different subtext for Setup Notice in Report View modeUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-2150List dropdown: Prevent first item automatic focus stateUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-2151Spike: Request immutable data only onceUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-2153I can accidently create multiple collections and also do not notice the progress of creationUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-2158Evaluation count missing in decision reportsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-2159Assert groupByStartDate key in date filter testsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-2160Flow node names are outdated for report with version 'all'UnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-2161Store csrf session token in front-endUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-2162Write security notice about CRSF protectionUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-2163Resolve failing Rolling Data Upgrade stepUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-2165Nightly QueryPerformance Tests fails with crashing VMUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-2166User Tasks reports do not have new "No Data" designUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-2167dropdown appear scrollable sometimes although there is enough spaceUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-2168Allow decision report evaluations grouped by matched rule to be their sequential idUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-2169Allow decision report evaluations grouped by variable to be sorted by the variable labelUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-2171Enabled Goal Line in Instance Count View hides Line chartUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-2172Denied authorization for READ_HISTORY on proc_def leads to error on dashboardUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-2174Change text of too many data pointsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-2176Don't show error on input when there's no inputUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-2177Cache immutable REST responsesUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-2178Use latest startDate as endDate of default date histogram limiting filterUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-2179Top of Overview page overlaps scrollbarUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-2180Uncaught error on session timeout on pages containing reportsUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultBug ReportOPT-2181Processes appear multiple times in search dropdownUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-2186Dependency Check job is failingUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-2188Import tenantIdUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-2192Sorting by flow node name uses the key if name is not availableUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultSub-taskOPT-2196Optional default tenantId per engineUnassignedDone
L3 - DefaultTaskOPT-2197Simplify BPMN diagrams testUnassignedDone
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