Release Notes - camunda BPM - Version 7.1.0-alpha3 - HTML format

Bug Report

  • [CAM-1653] - taskAssignedDate missing in history
  • [CAM-1799] - I can validate a model with IBM JDK
  • [CAM-1806] - ScopedAssociation.getVariable() cannot handle local variables
  • [CAM-1855] - Fix any elements of ExtensionElements
  • [CAM-1864] - The variable tab in process instance view does not refresh properly
  • [CAM-1883] - ScopeActivity has a wrong parentActivityInstanceId
  • [CAM-1892] - layout splitter style broken in cockpit

Feature Request

  • [CAM-718] - As Operator, I can see what happened in a process instance, highlighted in the bpmn diagramm
  • [CAM-1182] - As Operator, I can see and edit candidate groups on user task tab
  • [CAM-1566] - Provide for external JNDI configuration of LDAP attributes
  • [CAM-1613] - As Operator I can search for finished process instances
  • [CAM-1680] - I can read documentation about how to install shared process engine in WLS
  • [CAM-1700] - I can query the history for Task Details
  • [CAM-1703] - I can create a new BPMN model by using the BPMN model API
  • [CAM-1704] - I can import and export an existing BPMN model from XML
  • [CAM-1706] - I can use a fluent builder API to create a simple BPMN model
  • [CAM-1756] - Task Operations are logged at history level Full
  • [CAM-1758] - Cleanup existing Task Event Api
  • [CAM-1779] - As Operator I can see where I was in the browser history
  • [CAM-1780] - As Dev I can configure some styles of camunda webapp
  • [CAM-1848] - As Operator I can see finished activity instances in the tree
  • [CAM-1849] - As Operator I can see the Audit Log of a process instance
  • [CAM-1856] - I can get the model instance using the repository service
  • [CAM-1857] - I can access the current BPMN model element from Java delagation code


  • [CAM-1515] - Remove unique constraints on ACT_RU_EXECUTION for DB2
  • [CAM-1637] - Spike: BPMN 2.0 Model API
  • [CAM-1708] - Create test suite and structure for BPMN model API
  • [CAM-1709] - Extract XML core model into a separate maven artifact
  • [CAM-1715] - Implement references in the BPMN model API
  • [CAM-1759] - Make BPMN model API publicly available
  • [CAM-1760] - write initial Blogpost for BPMN model API
  • [CAM-1798] - Set Up Database QA for cockpit EE plugins
  • [CAM-1819] - create a quickstart with JSF forms
  • [CAM-1820] - Spike: how to integrate BPMN Model API with camunda BPM
  • [CAM-1829] - Fix namespace serialization
  • [CAM-1842] - Engine should not throw exception when Acquired Job does not exist anymore
  • [CAM-1847] - create Full-View Infrastructure for PI-View
  • [CAM-1852] - Create subresource for historic process instance
  • [CAM-1858] - Integrate BPMN model API in community release and EE-nightly release
  • [CAM-1859] - Add BPMN model API to jenkis ci
  • [CAM-1860] - Add BPMN model API jars to all distributions
  • [CAM-1861] - Consolidate "Community Extensions"
  • [CAM-1862] - Consolidate "Examples" and "Quickstarts"
  • [CAM-1886] - Create icons to express the state of an activity instance

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