Release Notes - camunda BPM - Version 7.5.9 - HTML format

Bug Report

  • [CAM-4676] - Tasklist Filter dialog can handle sorting parameters
  • [CAM-5157] - Creation of incidents is not null safe
  • [CAM-5830] - Assignee of HistoricActivityInstance is not updated when a Task is saved
  • [CAM-5884] - History Job Log Activity ID column contains Activity Name
  • [CAM-6406] - DMN Live Edit always deploy without Tenant Id
  • [CAM-6974] - I can see variables of process instance with more then 1000 activities in cockpit
  • [CAM-7143] - Cannot query groups by groupIdIn using LDAP Identity Provider
  • [CAM-7165] - Process Instance Modification doesn't end a Process Instance when the Token is moved to the End of a Sub Process
  • [CAM-7296] - Missing empty indicator for search result
  • [CAM-7328] - "Start process" button is active in Tasklist while request is in flight
  • [CAM-7332] - Cannot delete Deployment cascade when History is disabled
  • [CAM-7354] - Deployment view sorting icon tooltip inconsistent to Tasklist
  • [CAM-7445] - Historic Process Instance Query with authorization checks is slow
  • [CAM-7477] - Local task variable causes an integrity contraint violation exception when the task is deleted
  • [CAM-7479] - Cannot escape characters when using like operator on DB2
  • [CAM-7567] - Bad query performance against ACT_HI_ACTINST with Postresql
  • [CAM-7576] - A failed job is not unlocked when the FailedJobListener throws an exception
  • [CAM-7580] - Can't claim a task after the assignee was removed manually
  • [CAM-7674] - Wrong Instance Count in deployment view
  • [CAM-7796] - Decision Instance Page displays tenant of decision definition
  • [CAM-8004] - Job executor is not able to acquire a job when more than 1000 deployments registered
  • [CAM-8347] - Check and correct HTTP status codes of Camunda REST documentation
  • [CAM-8419] - In Cockpit, redeploying a deployment/resource always deploy without tenant ID


  • [CAM-7360] - Investigate memory issues affecting platform-jdk-ibm-jdk-6-latest
  • [CAM-7412] - Engine IT tests are only executed on Postgres 9.4
  • [CAM-7489] - I can read how to create a new authorization of a specific resource
  • [CAM-7569] - Add note that FormService#getStartFormVariables only work for Generated Start Forms
  • [CAM-8412] - Adjust deep link of Java EE Getting Started

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