Release Notes - camunda BPM - Version 7.9.0-alpha5 - HTML format

Bug Report

  • [CAM-6628] - Cannot query historic variables with a combination of variable id, process instance id and case instance id filter
  • [CAM-7838] - Message correlation for process of 'previous' version after deletion of process 'latest' version
  • [CAM-8905] - Translation of AuthorizationException fails
  • [CAM-8939] - In Cockpit, I cannot filter variables by a variable scope
  • [CAM-8970] - updateSilently Javascript function persisted in URL
  • [CAM-8977] - In Cockpit, I cannot see number of finished and canceled activity instances on nested activities
  • [CAM-8982] - Row should be highlighted in DMN Decision Instance View
  • [CAM-8986] - I cannot set the UPDATE permission for PROCESS_DEFINITION in Camunda Admin webapp
  • [CAM-8987] - Wrong label in Decision Definition Sidebar
  • [CAM-8990] - Clicking on DRD elements should trigger a filter
  • [CAM-8997] - Search Options on Processes Dashboard and Batch Operation not identical
  • [CAM-8998] - Drd Drill Down click should not show decision table before navigating to decision view
  • [CAM-9001] - Broken decision table view in deployment menu
  • [CAM-9009] - Decision table context menu not working
  • [CAM-9011] - Transient and serialized variables are not deserialized correctly
  • [CAM-9016] - External Task ID is wrong in Process Instance History View
  • [CAM-9055] - Create variable success message does not show variable name
  • [CAM-9056] - Update non-primitive variable success message is wrong
  • [CAM-9063] - When I retrieve the historic details via rest api I cannot filter by variable type
  • [CAM-9064] - When I retrieve the historic details via rest api I cannot filter by process instance id in
  • [CAM-9066] - Improve build speed for assembly Jobs
  • [CAM-9067] - When I retrieve the historic details via rest api I cannot filter by occurred after and occured before
  • [CAM-9070] - Decision Instance table is missing information in the input cell header
  • [CAM-9074] - I cannot recreate a user with previously selected tenant
  • [CAM-9081] - In Tasklist I cannot use deployed forms associated with cases
  • [CAM-9083] - Tenant id of case instance is not propagated to task

Feature Request

  • [CAM-8666] - Start process with condition after last version was deleted
  • [CAM-8871] - In Tasklist, I can use a link to open a process instance in Cockpit
  • [CAM-8882] - Continuous integration is implemented for Camunda Wildfly Swarm repository
  • [CAM-8978] - I can use a default back off strategy with the java external task client
  • [CAM-9000] - I can create transient variables for SPIN types (XML, JSON)
  • [CAM-9002] - History cleanup batch windows must be configurable in more flexible way
  • [CAM-9051] - Enable Container Based Authentication for Single Sign On
  • [CAM-9052] - I can fetch and lock External Tasks with local variables only
  • [CAM-9058] - Using the Java API, I can grant authorization for resource Report and Dashboard
  • [CAM-9059] - In Admin, I can manage authorizations for reports and dashboards
  • [CAM-9077] - I can query for process definitions by keysIn


  • [CAM-8698] - Update Third Party Libraries in documentation
  • [CAM-8832] - document error details of external task service
  • [CAM-8896] - Merge spring boot examples branch during the minor release
  • [CAM-8916] - I can read documentation about external task client java
  • [CAM-8993] - I can read documentation about node external task client
  • [CAM-8994] - HistoryService#findHistoryCleanupJobs must be exposed to REST API
  • [CAM-8995] - History cleanup status in Cockpit must be adjusted
  • [CAM-8999] - Update bpmn-js and cmmn-js to latest version
  • [CAM-9015] - I can understand the activity instance state query parameters in history activity instance REST query
  • [CAM-9025] - Adjust & Migrate "BPMN 2.0" Examples
  • [CAM-9026] - Adjust & Migrate "Plugin & Model API" Examples
  • [CAM-9028] - Adjust & Migrate "Deployment & Project Setup" Examples
  • [CAM-9029] - Adjust & Migrate "Webapps" Examples
  • [CAM-9030] - Adjust & Migrate "Misc" Examples
  • [CAM-9031] - Adjust & Migrate "Spring Boot" Examples
  • [CAM-9042] - Update broken links on NPM of NodeJS External Task Client
  • [CAM-9054] - Fix documentation in section on execution time validation

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