Release Notes - Camunda Optimize - Version 2.1.0-alpha1 - HTML format

Bug Report

  • [OPT-1000] - No reimport after deleting finished instances
  • [OPT-1023] - Chart Reports have wrong size when coming from invalid report config
  • [OPT-1191] - It is possible to create a Dashboard without a name
  • [OPT-1215] - Performance tests are never stopping
  • [OPT-1216] - Requesting an Xml for a process definition that is not imported yet results in nullpointer exception
  • [OPT-1220] - Setting import thread count to more than one breaks variables import

Feature Request

  • [OPT-1192] - I can specify which columns to show in a Raw Data report


  • [OPT-632] - Update detailed description of Optimize import process
  • [OPT-798] - SchedulerFactory should wire import compents based on configuration
  • [OPT-839] - Add styling for flow node filter
  • [OPT-863] - Can't scroll reports on Dashboard
  • [OPT-974] - Update user guide documentation to Optimize 2.0 version
  • [OPT-1073] - Mark all invalid input fields as invalid
  • [OPT-1087] - Show hint on dashboard/report list that dashboard/report is shared
  • [OPT-1109] - Pre-select the only existing Process Definition in Dropdown
  • [OPT-1140] - Add missing icons to Dashboard and Report
  • [OPT-1153] - In dashboard edit mode reports should not indicate to be scrollable
  • [OPT-1170] - Improve table behavior
  • [OPT-1193] - Upgrade React to version 16.3
  • [OPT-1206] - Add configuration field to dashboard reports
  • [OPT-1209] - Misleading line in alert notification
  • [OPT-1219] - Pass the text to Message end ErrorMessage components as children
  • [OPT-1222] - Remove abstract class ImportService
  • [OPT-1223] - Remove missing entities check
  • [OPT-1226] - Improve Table performance

Bug Part

  • [OPT-1168] - Target Value table header not aligned with body
  • [OPT-1208] - Too many historic instances with same endtime cause import to skip some instances
  • [OPT-1212] - Scroll based index handling works only for limited amount of data

Feature Part

  • [OPT-1225] - I can perform CRUD operations on users using Rest-API


  • [OPT-1155] - Document the license page
  • [OPT-1156] - Document the homepage
  • [OPT-1157] - Document the available report list page
  • [OPT-1158] - Document the available dashboard list page
  • [OPT-1160] - Document the report builder
  • [OPT-1163] - Document the filter
  • [OPT-1166] - Document the alerting
  • [OPT-1171] - Table columns should have a larger minimum width when redered
  • [OPT-1172] - Save table column width in dashboard view
  • [OPT-1173] - The table is paginated
  • [OPT-1174] - Remove variable prefix from raw data report
  • [OPT-1184] - Optimize does not use the engine import executor anymore
  • [OPT-1185] - Fetching of engine entities is done by timestamp
  • [OPT-1187] - Import porgress can be computed for import by timestamp
  • [OPT-1188] - Test that import can handle the deletion of process instances during import
  • [OPT-1189] - Pre-select the only existing Process definition in Report Builder
  • [OPT-1190] - Pre-select the only existing process definition in the Analysis section
  • [OPT-1196] - Footer reports only import status instead of import progress
  • [OPT-1202] - Use page result to check if import is still active
  • [OPT-1203] - Cycle through definition list until no definition contains new data
  • [OPT-1213] - Remove cycling over process definitions in index handling

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