Release Notes - Camunda Optimize - Version 2.2.0-alpha2 - HTML format

Bug Report

  • [OPT-1271] - Alerts with threshold operator "below" says value exceeds threshold
  • [OPT-1302] - Forward login error message from platform
  • [OPT-1381] - Selected variable in groupBy does not get deselected when changing the process definition
  • [OPT-1383] - External Reports are not updated on autorefresh

Feature Request

  • [OPT-1256] - I can confirm modals using the enter key
  • [OPT-1365] - I can see the search results highlighted
  • [OPT-1385] - I can click anywhere in the report/dashbaord list to jump to the respective dashboard/report
  • [OPT-1386] - In the entity list I can see the row highlighted which I'm hovering over


  • [OPT-991] - Create a loading indicator component
  • [OPT-1303] - Show relevant error message if a blocked user tries to login
  • [OPT-1331] - Spike: Cache bpmn-js viewer instances for faster pages
  • [OPT-1367] - Make configuration properties containing a link more resilient
  • [OPT-1377] - Open dropdown submenus on hover
  • [OPT-1379] - Process defintion selection popover uses whole space on loading
  • [OPT-1380] - Show flow node key if flow node name is not avaialble in bar/area/pie chart
  • [OPT-1387] - I can immediately define an external report on the add report modal
  • [OPT-1391] - Move the data generation from the import performance module to its own module
  • [OPT-1392] - Improve UI of dropdown components
  • [OPT-1397] - In import performance tests retrieve counts to import directly from database

Feature Part

  • [OPT-1407] - I can evaluate combined reports using the REST-API


  • [OPT-1267] - I can test that the optimize upgrade works on large data
  • [OPT-1401] - Accomodate the new change to api to include the data structure of the combined reports

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